The Fundamentals Of Ethernet Switches Explained

Author: Jason Cargo

A network switch is a device used for computer networking. It is an external gadget that connects different computers as well as other network enabled peripherals with each other. Ethernet is the most common Local Area Network (LAN) technology used today.

Ethernet switches are used to improve the efficiency of LAN connections. Many systems can be connected by utilizing this hardware. Switches are intelligent hardware points which find data packets and send them to their appropriate destinations. In this way, they take less bandwidth and increase the efficiency of your LAN connection.

This aspect makes Ethernet switches more useful over normal hubs or routers. An Ethernet Switch works at the data link layer (layer 2) of the OSI reference type. A very beneficial version of the Ethernet switch is the gigabit Ethernet switch. Gigabit Ethernet leverages on Ethernet to enhance the speed of your connection by about tenfold over fast Ethernet and a gigabit Ethernet switch helps you in attaining this.

A simple 8 port gigabit Ethernet switch could resolve many of the problems of commercial LAN users. In case you need multiple ports for home networking, this switch might be ideal for you. An 8 port Ethernet switch is inexpensive and could connect several devices with continuous access to the internet.

These gigabit Ethernet switches enable utmost performance by connecting up to ten times faster than speedy Ethernet. Therefore, it allows quick transfer of big multimedia files and is excellent for gaming purposes. These switches are very easy to put in and configure automatically. A few companies manufacture fan-less switches, thereby reducing the noise level significantly.

There are various gigabit switches in the market which uphold 10/100/1000 speed on each port. While there are a range of Ethernet switches available for commercial use as well as for home networking, they cannot work in an industrial environment. In an industrial environment, an industrial Ethernet switch need to be capable to endure high as well as low temperature extremes, humidity as well as very high vibration.

Hence, industrial Ethernet switches are made separately. These switches are generally used for automation or to manage a procedure. These rugged switches might be managed or unmanaged and offer features such as network redundancy, seamless incorporated security, as well as finest price-to-performance ratio. Their industrial rank reliability makes them ideal for industry purposes.

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