Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing KVM Switches

Author: Jennifer Luec

KVM Switch is a device that best suits those who desire to access their computers from distant locations. While purchasing a KVM Switch (keyboard, video and mouse), one must remember certain things to ascertain the best buy.
Things to keep in mind:
1. If implementing KVM over IP is what you have in your mind, the options available are front-end IP products and pure digital applications. In the case of front end IP products - on an existing KVM switch, they permit the remote users to gain secure access. However, in the case of pure digital applications – the administrators are allowed to gain access to BIOS-level of the attached servers through the communication with the networked digital KVM Switch.
2. Audio Support is available by some of the switches; also some devices come along with the provision for multi user switches that have the audio support functionality.
3. Existing authentications scheme like LDAP, RADIUS or Active Directory are some of the leverages that the administrator are allowed.
4. The 4-user KVM Switches allow the users to handle dozens of servers, but in the case of integrated switches, hundreds of administrators are permitted to control thousands of servers.
5. The desktop and server rack cable clutter is significantly reduced by the Cat5 KVM Switches, thereby allowing the user and computer to be placed at large distances, hence allowing immense flexibility.
6. 1600X1200 at 60Hz over IP is the maximum resolution that could be provided by the switch, however if your requirement is for a higher resolution device then you could certainly go for analog switches.
In case if you wish to control multiple PS2 based computers that have dual DVI video, with the help of a single keyboard, mouse and two monitors, then you could opt for Dual DVI KVM Switch. The switch has been designed similar to a desktop model and the operating systems that it supports are Linux, DOS and Windows 95/98/SE/ME/2000/XP; it also supports high resolution and is available in 2 and 4 port versions.

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